Head_for three


4 buildings around, broken glass in the windows, a group of Gypsies nearby on a pile of debris from a demolished block. A messy square between the houses. With a broken chair in the middle. An archetype left by a building once housing human lives. Another behind another pile. I take both. I carry them all the way across Bratislava to my studio on Drotarská cesta street. On the way home I think of designing a process starting with a pencil line on paper and ending in the debris pile. Where can this cycle move on to? A dull saw helps me bite into the core of the thing. I discover new relations, different characters, nontraditional combinations. The originally typified structure is used to create a new morphology. I compose a new object, with emerging new functions and ideas. The original broken chair is given a new context and wakes up to the world again with a new nature.



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In-Tim chair

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Cutting / Stapling


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